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Who we are

Our website address is: TPL Music LLC is owned and operated by Trevor Loucks and based out of Boise, Idaho.

TPL Music is the parent corporation to multiple subsidiary companies serving the entertainment industry across the fields of live performance, recording, music distribution, publishing, ad technology, campaign management, and strategy development.

What data we collect and why we collect it

Google Analytics:

We use Google Analytics tracking to measure traffic to This data includes traffic source data, geographic data down to the city level, site behavior metrics including length of time spent on the site, and demographic data which includes age and gender characteristics.

Who we share your data with

We do no share data, nor do we collect PII data.


We do not run any kind of advertising for – this site only displays information about the company structure of TPL Music LLC.

Contact Information

Trevor Loucks

770 S. 13th St.


Boise, ID 83707